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Testing chamber

Thermal-vacuum test chamber

2012-6-7 14:57:25



Internal dimensions cm


External dimensions(D*W*H)cm

295*140*205 (the bulge is excluded)



Temperature range

-70…+125 (С8)

Ultimate vacuum

5*10-5 Pa (without load, atmospheric temperature)

Temp fluctuation

≤0.5(on the cooling wall)

Temp deviation

±3.0(on the cooling wall)

Heating time

-65…+85≤60 min.( heat sink)

Cooling time

+85…-65≤60 min.( heat sink)

Suction time

≤120 min.(from turning on the main valve to reach the working vacuum)

Working vacuum

≤4*10-5 Pa

Heating mode

Radiation heat/oil heating

Refrigeration mode

Mechanical compression, two-stage refrigeration


Imported semi-enclosed compressor

Vacuum pump

rotary pump, Roots Pump, molecular pump

Observation window(mm)


Temperature sensor


Pressure sensor

composite vacuoscope


Touch screen, parameter and program control

Power supply

АС380V, 50Hz, Three-phase four-wire + earth wire

Power (kW)


Safety devices

Overtemp protector, overpressure/ overload/ broken circuit protection of compressor, overload protection of blower, oil pressure protection, water shortage protection phase sequence protection, earth leakage protection, alarm at the time of vacuum pump breakdown

Standard parts

Testing hole (80mm)1 pc., time accumulator, lamp 1pc, shelf,  cudgel(2 sets)

Optional parts

Remote monitoring computer and software, printer, interface RS485, recorder, printer

Note: the specifications above are measured without load at ambient temperature of 25℃.

Refrigeration method: liquid nitrogen, temperature range: -170...+125℃.

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