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Testing chamber

Temperature Humidity Salt Tester

2012-5-26 13:41:39

Product Details

Combined Cyclic Test is used for imitating natural status in increase imitation test. The imitating condition is harder than status that we usually meet. The tester can combine the follow status such as: salt smog, dry, humidity, normal temperature, low temperature.

The tester is for product used in intense changeable environment, such as: parts of automobile, navigation equipment, camera equipment, building material, electroplate coating and resistant to metal electrolytic corrosion in electrical system.


1.      It uses Humidity and Temperature Controller with color touch screen of LCD digital display (Japanese OYO U-8256P), which can keep a complete record of the humidity and temperature graphs.

2.      Control method: temperature programmable alternating control, humidity programmable alternating control and temperature/humidity programmable alternating control.

3.      Capacity of programmable group: 140 Pattern (group) 1400 Step (section) There can be a maximum of Repest99 section for every programmable group.

4.      Mode execution time for every section can be between zero to 999 hours and 59 minutes.

5.      1-999 circle of partial circulation or 1-999 circle of complete circulation can be set for every group.

6.      Memory function: In case of a power cut, the machine can resume the unfinished test as soon as power is recovered.

7.    Can be connected with computer through RS232 port.






Lab Internal Dimension(cm)





Lab External Dimension(cm)





Temperature range


Humidity range


Analytic Accuracy/evenness degree of Temperature and Humidity


Control Accuracy/Temperature stability of Temperature and Humidity


Lab Temperature

Saline testing method(NSS ACSS)35±1/ Erosion-resistant testing method(CASS)50±1

Pressure Pot Temperature

Saline testing method(NSS ACSS)47±1/ Erosion-resistant testing method(CASS)63±1

Saline Temperature

35±1 50±1

Saline concentration

Sodium chloride solution with 5% concentration or less than 0.26g copper chloride is added to each liter of sodium chloride solution with 5% concentration

Compressed air pressure


Spray volume

1.0~2.0ml/80cm2/h (at least collecting 16 hours and take the average value)

Value PH

6.5~7.2 3.0~3.2

Spray methods

Continual spraying/Programmable spraying


AC220V 15A

AC220V 20A

AC220V 20A

AC220V 30A

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