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Testing chamber

Aging Room

2012-6-2 15:23:26

Product Details                                                                  
Aging Room, also called Burn-in Room, is a common device used in all kinds of aging tests in electronic, computer and communication industries. Aging Room is normally composed of the enclosure structure, air duct system, control system, indoor test frame and other components.


1. Accurate and precise temperature control.  The air system and electric control system are uniquely designed to achieve even temperature distribution within the room, which is far superior to similar products.

2. The temperature setting of the room may vary from ambient temperature to 70. Upon customer’s special requirement, products with even higher temperature can be developed.

3. The temperatures of several areas inside the room are displayed in turn to ensure clear and accurate monitoring of the temperature.

 4. The complete protective functions of the system can ensure safe and smooth operation of the device for a long time.

5. Nice appearance and short construction time.



Temperature Range


Temperature stability of Temperature


Evenness degree of


Temperature Rising Time

Subject to chamber size

Temperature Falling Time

Subject to chamber size

Internal Dimensions(WxHxD)cm

Subject to customer’s requirements

External Dimensions(WxHxD)cm

Subject to customer’s requirements

Door size cm

Single door :W800xH180 double doors: W160xH180

Structural Materials

Combination-type disassembly and assembly walk-in panel: spraying painting of color steel plate

Insulation Material

Rigid PU foam and glass fabric

Humidification System

Surface evaporative, humidifier equipped with water-shortage, power-cut and overheat protection

Heating System

Heat-eliminating stainless steel heater

Protection Devices

No-fuse breaker, refrigerant high pressure protection switch, overheat protection switch, boil-dry protection and smoke detection alarming system


AC1Φ220V±10%, 50/60Hz & AC3Φ380V±10% 50/60Hz

Standard accessories

Glass window, interior light of operating room

optional accessories

Power supply ,fixtured product cart

Conform standard


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