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2012-6-12 13:18:40

Shaker  ETT-50/60LS3-445 

Rated Sine Force (Pk)

50 kN/ 60 kN

Maximum Static Payload


Rated Random Force (RMS)

50 kN/ 60 kN

Body Suspension Natural Frequency (Hz)

2.5 Hz

Rated Shock Force (pk)

100 kN/ 120 kN(150kN /180kN Optional)

Armature Diameter (mm)


Usable Frequency (Hz)

5-2700 Hz

Mass of Moving Element (kg)

55 kg

Maximum Displacement

(mm) (peak-peak)

76 mm

Armature Insert Pattern (standard)

17stainless steel M12 Inserts

(UNC option)

Maximum Velocity (m/s)


Stray Flux Density  (mT)

<1 mT

Maximum Acceleration (m/s2)

900 m/s2/1000 m/s2

Dimensions (L x D x H )

1700*1130*1246 mm

Resonance Frequency (Hz)

2300 Hz ± 5%


4500 kg

Power Amplifier YM-50/60 

Blower V-5000/7000

Rated Output power  (kVA)

50 kVA/60 kVA

Blower Power

15 kW/22 kW

Signal to Noise Ratio (dB)

>65 dB

Air Flow (m3/s)

1.1 m3/s /1.6 m3/s

Amplifier Efficiency


Air Pressure (kPa)

7.7 kPa/ 8.0 kPa


550 kg


255/340 kg

Air Duct Length

4 m

System Protections

Over-Temperature; over-voltage; air pressure; over-current; over-displacement; input under-voltage; external fault; logical fault; control power; input phase loss;

System Environmental Requirements

System Options

Room Temperature


Slip Table

Head Expander

Room Humidity

0 to 90% , non condensing

Movable device

Thermal barrier

Power Supply Requirement

380 VAc, 50Hz, 3Ph, 82/95 kVA

Remote Control of Power Amplifier


Compressed air requirement

0.6 Mpa

Cable standard length: 6 m

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