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2012-6-12 10:49:19


Rated Sine Force (Pk)

300 kN

Body Suspension Natural Frequency (Hz)

2.5 Hz

Rated Random Force (RMS)

240 kN

Armature Diameter (mm)

870 mm

Rated Shock Force (pk)

600 kN (900 kN Optional)

Mass of Moving Element (kg)

300 kg

Usable Frequency (Hz)

2-1700 Hz

Armature Insert Pattern (standard)

33stainless steel M12 Inserts

(UNC option)

Maximum Displacement

(mm) (peak-peak)

51 mm

Stray Flux Density 

<1 mT

Maximum Velocity (m/s)

2 m/s(2.5 m/s Optional)

Dimensions (L x D x H )

2875*1910*1981 mm

Maximum Acceleration (m/s2)

1000 m/s2


23000 kg

Resonance Frequency (Hz)

1600 Hz ± 5%

Cross Axial Stiffness

32000 N/mm

Maximum Static Payload

6000 kg

Axial Stiffness

180 N/mm

Power Amplifier YM-380


Rated Output power  (kVA

380 kVA

Internal Circle Water Flow (Distilled Water)

120 L/min

Signal to Noise Ratio (dB)

>65 dB

Internal  Circle Water Pressure (Distilled Water)

1 MPa

Amplifier Efficiency


External Circle Water Flow (City Water)

320 L/min


4000 kg

External Circle Water Pressure (City Water)

0.25-0.4 Mpa

System Protections

Distilled Water


Hardness: 30 ppm,
PH7~8, Conductivity 1 Us/cm

Cooling Unit; Armature water temperature; Input over-voltage; Output over-current; Field water temperature; Field power supply; Vertical oil source; Horizontal oil source; Control power; Shaker fault; Over displacement; Air flow; Door interlock; External Control;

Pump power

Internal Circle8 kW
External Circle 6.5 kW


300 kg

System Environmental Requirements

System Options

Room Temperature


Slip Table

Head Expander

Room Humidity

0 to 90% , non condensing

Movable device

Thermal barrier

Power Supply Requirement

380V Ac, 50Hz, 3Ph, 520 kVA

Remote Control of Power Amplifier


Compressed air requirement

0.6 Mpa

Outer circulation unit

Cable standard length: 10 m

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